American Friends of Kidum supports the Society for Advancement of Education  --  a national Israeli organization based in Jerusalem that provides outstanding educational opportunities for children and youth from disadvantaged communities.


The Society for Advancement of Education (SAE) is a non-profit organization established in 1962, based on the vision of David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s founder and first prime minister.

SAE’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty by equipping youth from Israel’s geographic and socio-economic peripheries with quality high-school education so that they can acquire a high school matriculation certificate and all other tools necessary to achieve full participation in Israeli society.

SAE owns and operates 15 secondary education schools and residential campuses. The institutions are diverse in character, vision and structure, and are located cross the country, from Jerusalem to Netanya.  In addition, SAE initiates and develops innovative pedagogical programs and operates national and international projects in the field of immigration and absorption.

PERSONAL ATTENTION - Each student receives a set of tools for success

SAE believes that each student is unique in his or her own way and, therefore, develops and implements personalized educational responses, adapted for the youth at the various day schools, residential campuses and other educational programs.

These individualized learning programs are intended to create opportunities for excellence and to maximize and develop the educational potential of the students.  This will enable them to integrate into the academic environment and, ultimately, assume positions of leadership in Israeli society.

This goal of innovation and excellence in education is embedded in all SAE activities, at the personal, institutional and organizational levels -- by cultivating personal and teamwork skills, striving to create improved organizational structures, and in training and motivating the educational teams.

In all SAE institutions and programs the goal is to establish and pass on social, humanistic, democratic and pluralistic values that encourage respect for others and celebrate diversity.

SAE believes that a child's residence should not determine his or her future. Learn more about SAE.

16 Schools & Residences

SAE owns and operates a variety of schools for Haredi boys and girls, secular students, academic high schools, and residential campuses for students with different learning styles.  SAE launched its first school for Israeli Arab students, Sindiana, in Fall 2017 and Shoshanim Science and Arts High School for Haredi Girls in September, 2018.  INBAR, a pluralistic girls leadership high school debuted in September 2019.  Learn more.

National Education Initiatives

The Society for Advancement of Education operates special programs throughout Israel for the Ministry of Education and the Jewish Agency which support students with special needs.  Learn more.

14,800 Students

More than 14,800 students, enrolled in SAE's 16 schools, residences and nationwide support and enrichment programs, benefit each day. 85% of SAE graduates earn an Israeli Matriculation Certificate (versus about 50% nationwide).  Learn more.

You Make the Difference

Charitable gifts from donors in American and around the world enable the Society for Advancement of Education to expand its programs to educate and inspire more Israeli youth.  The American Friends of Kidum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Thank you for your support!