American Friends of Kidum supports the Society for Advancement of Education  --  that provides outstanding educational opportunities to children from disadvantaged communities across Israeli society . . . and changes lives every day.


The Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem (SAE) is an educational organization working to generate academic excellence as a pathway towards personal growth and greater social cohesion within Israel.

SAE was founded in 1962, based on the vision of David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s founder and first prime minister. Today the SAE currently operates eighteen schools and educational residences, and additional cross-sector educational initiatives, which enable students to realize their full educational potential and develop social values.

The SAE community includes Jewish secular, modern orthodox, Haredi and Arab, frameworks, thereby responding to educational needs of all sectors and every socio-economic status within Israeli society.

All of the SAE’s schools emphasize academic excellence and social responsibility, and its educational residences enable youth from the periphery to attend high-quality schools in the center of the country. Educational initiatives target learning difficulties, gender equality, youth aliya, volunteerism, leadership, and more.

Several of the SAE’s schools are unique within the Israeli educational landscape. These include schools that educate ultra-orthodox youth towards higher education and a productive, satisfying future (there is one such school for boys, and one for girls), Israel’s only secular girls’ leadership school, and the country’s only Arab youth village.

For over half a century, the SAE has touched the lives of tens of thousands of Israelis by promoting social mobility through uncompromising educational achievement.

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18 Schools & Residences

SAE owns and operates a variety of schools for Haredi boys and girls, secular students, academic high schools, and residential campuses for students with different learning styles.  SAE launched its first school for Israeli Arab students, Sindiana, in Fall 2017 and Shoshanim Science and Arts High School for Haredi Girls in September, 2018.  INBAR, a pluralistic girls leadership high school debuted in September 2019.  Learn more.

National Education Initiatives

The Society for Advancement of Education operates special programs throughout Israel for the Ministry of Education and the Jewish Agency which support students with special needs.  Learn more.

14,800 Students

More than 15,000 students, enrolled in SAE's 18 schools, residences and nationwide support and enrichment programs, benefit each day. 85% of SAE graduates earn an Israeli Matriculation Certificate (versus about 50% nationwide).  Learn more.

You Make the Difference

Charitable gifts from donors in American and around the world enable the Society for Advancement of Education to expand its programs to educate and inspire more Israeli youth.  The American Friends of Kidum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Thank you for your support!