20 Students Complete Year-Long Jafra Leadership Program

Jafra Leadership Program Turan participants celebrate with their certificates of completion.

Twenty young Israeli Arab men and women, all high-school graduates in their gap year who are planning to study at university this fall, completed a year of participation in the pioneering Jafra Leadership Program in Turan, a town in the Galilee about 5 miles north of Nazareth.

The program, which met two days a week, is a collaboration between the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem, the Al-Amer organization, the Turan Local Authority and the local community center. It is designed to prepare the students to more fully benefit from the academic and social opportunities they will encounter in college, and to become leaders in their community.

Jafra Leadership Program participant Nor Nassar speaking at the end-of-program ceremonies.

The Jafra Leadership Program encompasses five elements:

  • acquisition of knowledge about a variety of new subjects;
  • acquisition of leadership skills;
  • educational tours of universities, cultural institutions, and the Israeli countryside;
  • meetings with Jewish youth; and
  • group and individual volunteer work to contribute to society.

The closing ceremonies on July 19th included blessings, an artistic cultural program, and the presentation of certificates to the participants.

The group in Turan was coordinated by facilitators Suha Khlaialy and Rokya Nasser. The Jafra Leadership Program also takes place in the Galilee towns of Sakhnin and Abu Senan.

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