Reut Named a Top Israeli High School

The Israeli Ministry of Education has named SAE’s Reut High School one of the top schools in the country.  Last week the Ministry published the list of educational institutions of the upper division which excelled in the last school year in the field of values, social and education. Twenty four Jerusalem high schools are on the list, including Re’ut.

Re’ut is relocating from the Mekor Haim section of Jerusalem into a brand new purpose-built school building in Bayit Vayan for the 2020-2021 school year.

Reut is a co-ed pluralistic community school in Jerusalem, established in 1999 by pedagogic visionary Dr. Aryeh Geiger (z”l) under the banner of Jewish learning, social action and mutual respect. Find out more about Re’ut.

The selection of the winning schools was made on the basis of a weighting of a series of indices in the areas of values, social and education, as well as in accordance with the most significant rate of improvement brought about by the educational institutions compared to previous years.

In light of their achievements, the teaching staff in the winning schools will be rewarded with a sum of money ranging from NIS 3,000-8,000.

The high schools were selected according to the following criteria: enlistment rate for the IDF, or for civilian / national service, prevention of student dropout, absorption of special education students, and degree of proximity to a matriculation certificate among students who are not eligible for a full certificate.

In the academic achievements, the indices were determined: the achievements in light of the Meitzav achievements in the high school grades, the percentage of eligibility for matriculation, the percentage of excellence in the matriculation exams, the percentage of eligibility for a quality matriculation certificate, the degree of improvement or stability compared to previous years.

Meir Shimoni, Director of the Jerusalem District and Director of Education at the Ministry of Education, explained, “The differential reward is intended to reward schools that receive students from a wide variety of backgrounds, and who work to prevent dropouts and advance students according to their abilities and not just in the dimension of eligibility for matriculation. Direct power to our schools for leadership and perseverance.”

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