A Springboard for Excellence — SAE Launches New Elementary School Program

In the coming school year, the Society for Advancement of Education and the Science and Thinking Society will launch the “Starting Point” program – a new framework for fostering excellence for elementary school students in Jerusalem. The one-day-a-week program will take place at Reut High School on the Mae Boyar Educational Campus.

The program is designed for children who are opinionated, curious and highly motivated to learn in grades 2-6. It is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary program that allows children to learn, enjoy and progress according to their skills, aspirations and interests, and gives them exposure to different and varied fields of knowledge that are not included in the formal curricula.

The contents and the learning paths are fascinating and varied and include experiential courses, a flowing social space, virtual thinking and exploration groups. The program focuses on the social and emotional needs of children as a basis for growth and development, along with cognitive enrichment.

Bright students taking fascinating courses with great friends and teachers, this is the Starting Point!

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