“Boyar Was Like a Piece of Heaven” ~ Moshe Tamir

         Moshe Tamir, Boyar ’67

Each person has a story to tell. Here is a part of my story.

I was born in Iran in 1949. In 1951 we immigrated to Israel. Israel was a young, poor country. In Iran, my father was a rug merchant. A very successful one. In Israel, there was really no need for rug merchants. So, my father became a factory blue collar worker.

Even though my family was poor, my father and mother instilled in us the great importance of education. However, our means were little and education was pushed aside for a little time.

Luckily, there was Mr. Joseph Cohen – God bless his soul – the principal of my elementary school. Mr. Cohen heard about Kidum – the Society for Advancement of Education and about their flagship project: the Boyar Residential Campus in Jerusalem. He was determined to make sure I am admitted, and I was.

Now comes the part of the story where my life would change forever.

Compared to my village, Boyar was like a piece of heaven. We had counselors who acted as our life mentors, introducing us to places and events we have never seen before — the best schools in Jerusalem, art shows, trips to various sites in Israel, Shabbat dinners, social activities, sports, community values, leadership, academics, serve your country, love your family, Judaism – and much much more.

I spent four wonderful years in Boyar. I slowly became the Moshe I am today. A citizen of the world, successful, educated, and confident. I sometimes stop and wonder what would life be for Moshe without Boyar, and I chase that wonder away – since I know that would have been a gloomy story.

A real sad story is the fact that Kidum is turning kids away for a lack of funds. I think of these kids, their dreams, hopes, pain. But they need Boyar, or any other place managed by Kidum, to have a chance in a normal happy life.

SAE needs our help. I help and plan to continue. Will you?

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