Array of Inspiring Guest Speakers Stimulate Brainstorming at SAE’s Executive Development Day

From Concept to Presentation – how does an idea meet the world?  This was the theme at the center of SAE’s Executive Development Day on February 25, 2020. In a day filled with brainstorming, the SAE leadership and staff focused on developing future educational programs and initiatives for its schools and residences.

Throughout the day outside speakers joined the teams. SAE was honored and excited to host a select group of men and women, bringing with them rich and impressive experience in management, entrepreneurship, social work and media. Meeting them was a unique, clever, enriching and exciting opportunity for SAE educators. The “smart team” of speakers included:

  • MK Michael Biton – Member of the Knesset from the Blue and White Party, former Yeruham mayor, founder of the Negev Council, a social entrepreneur who works to reduce gaps in Israeli society. (Read Michael Biton’s impressions of the day here)
  • Yael Brandel – Director of the Strategy Division at Kiryat
    Poet and children’s writer Orit Gidali.

    Malachi Municipality. In the past – strategic planning and promotion of peripheral development policy, venture management in the Negev and social economic development in the Galilee.

  • Orit Gidali – poet and children’s writer, Associate Director of the School of Writing Home Workshops.
  • Khadija Taha – an educator leading development and learning processes for school administrators.Promotes educational entrepreneurship in other schools and organizations.
  • Shlomit Kna’an – taught at the Hebrew University’s School of Education and partnered in formulating a direct pathway program for interdisciplinary PhD at Tel Aviv University. Formerly a member of the Van Leer Holland Foundation, the Sakta Foundation and the Battle Foundation and the Director General of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.

    Political journalist and TV anchor Attila Somfalvi.
  • Tali Nir – CEO of the 121-engine for social change, lawyer and journalist. Previously VP of the Association for Civil Rights.
  • David Koren – CEO of the Eran Association.
  • Attila Somfalvi – Political journalist and TV anchor. Working for ynet | 90FM | INSS. A Bnai Brith Prize winner for coverage of American Diaspora.
  • Efrat Shaprut   – CEO, The Opportunity Fund to Advance Civic Service. Social director.
  • Batsheva Moshe – Strategic Advisor to Bank Hapoalim, former CEO of UNISTREAM, which works to reduce gaps and create social and economic mobility in the periphery through empowering young teens.

SAE was most grateful to the speakers for taking the time and sharing their wisdom!

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