Boyar High School Opens Hydroponic Greenhouse As Part of New Ground-Breaking Agrotech Course

The Mae Boyar High School celebrated the establishment of an innovative high-tech greenhouse on its Jerusalem campus on August 11, 2020.

The hydroponic greenhouse, using the most advanced technologies, is a key part of an new precise farming course that the renowned high school will launch when school opens this September that will combine research and agriculture studies with social action.

′′The Mae Boyer High School has created a pathway of groundbreaking farming to meet a global need”, said Eitan Moran, Executive Director of the Society for Advancement of Education, which operates a network of high schools, residences and educational programs in Israel, at the opening ceremonies.

Jean Atlee, the Superintendent of Agricultural Programs in Youth Villages, (left) and Lior Aesl, CEO of the company that built the greenhouse inspect the control center during opening ceremonies.

Studies in the Agrotech trend will combine precise research and agriculture studies, which aims to streamline the application of resources in the field and livestock using advanced means: sensor technologies, software and dedicated applications, communication systems, collection and analysis of information and more.  Studies will take place in a method of personal and group project-based research (PBL) and will combine work in the farm alongside social volunteering in the area.

In the greenhouse for the official launch were, from left, Ruby Fallach,SAE Property Manager, Lior Aesl, CEO of company that built the greenhouse, Jean Atlee, Israel’s Superintendent of Agricultural Programs in Youth Villages, Michal Shavit, SAE Director of Pedogic Development, Dafna Menashe Baruch, Principal of Mae Boyer High School, and Itan Morean, SAE Executive Director.

SAE was honored by the participation of Jean Atlee, the Superintendent of Agricultural Programs in Youth Villages, in the historic event.  Also attending in addition to Eitan Moran were Dafna Menashe Baruch, Principal of Mae Boyer High School, Michal Shavit, SAE Director of  Pedagogic Development, Ruby Fallach, SAE Property Manager and Lior Aesl, CEO of the Ohad, the company that constructed the greenhouse and will continue to work alongside the SAE and Boyar team in developing the course.

′′The greenhouse is an innovative learning lab for Agrotech,” Eitan Moran concluded, “which combines science, technology and agriculture. Agrotech studies, the agricultural farm and the innovative greenhouse on the Boyer campus are but a natural continuation for SAE and Boyar of promoting educational excellence and instilling social values.”

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