Boyar High School Students Questioned Knesset Candidates Just Prior to Israeli Elections

Boyar High School in Jerusalem hosted a panel discussion among representatives of nine different political parties just days before the recent Israeli elections.  All of the candidates were, themselves, candidates in the election and many were former Knesset members.

Candidates for the Knesset from nine political parties, including four eventual members of the new 21st Knesset, gathered with staff members after the March panel discussion with 11th and 12th graders at Boyar High School.

Four of the speakers subsequently won election to the 21st Knesset in the April election — Uzi Dayan (Likkud), Orit Farkash-Hacohen (Blue & White),  Oded Forer (Israel Beitenu) and Ilan Gilon (Meretz). Others participating in the panel were Michal Biran (Labour),  Yonatan Dubov (The Union of Right-Wing Parties), Roee Folkman (Kulanu),  Matan Kahana (The New Right) and Haggai Reznik (Gesher).

The candidates responded to questions written by students in grades 11-12 who were in the audience. Topics covered, among others, were socio-economic issues related to public housing, regulation and the reduction of socio-economic gaps, the Palestinian issue, the question of the political arrangement, policies regarding the prime minister and the reports of suspicions against him, and more.

In addition, the candidates also posed questions to each other and, at times, not surprisingly, disagreed with each other. The candidates helped students to formulate a position toward the elections.

Following the panel, a preliminary vote was taken and a real election sample took place on April 8th on the eve of the national elections. The Likud Party received nearly 50% of the student vote.

Established in Jerusalem 1964 through the vision and generosity of Louis Boyar of Los Angeles and named in honor of his wife, Mae, Boyar is one of the most distinguished high schools in Israel. It is dedicated to cultivating excellence in the scholastic performance of the students, in their social values, and in the fields of sports, culture, and the arts.

The school’s vibrant student body is composed of 971 highly motivated and scholastically capable teenagers from the full spectrum of Israeli society.  A combination of day school students, who are mostly from Jerusalem, and 300 boarders from outlying and developing communities in Israel’s periphery, contributes to the school’s unique learning environment. Respect for humanity, celebrating difference, and pluralism are core values that guide Boyar as a learning community.




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