Boyar High School Students Recognized for Their Bright Ideas and Kindness to Others

Students at Mae Boyar High School are engaged in a variety of noteworthy activities this summer.

New Product Inventors

Jasmine Mizrahi and Tallinn Kiworkian explain their new ADHD learning aid on Israel’s Network 13.

Boyar High School students, Jasmine Mizrahi and Tallinn Kiworkian have developed virtual reality glasses which help students with ADHD to learn easier without distractions.

Here’s how it works. An array of photographed lessons tailored to children with ADHD issues are transmitted through virtual reality to the VR glasses.

Demonstrating the virtual glasses on TV.

Students will be able to purchase VR glasses from the company and the app on which all the classes are found. When he puts his glasses on he will feel like he’s in a real class and only see the teacher passing the lesson. In this way we overcome the problem of students with attention problems who are in classrooms with many children.

Jasmine and Tallinn recently appeared live on the program ‘Opening a Day’ on Network 13, where they explained about the product, its goals, and the study experience it provides to its users.Their new product is also a finalist in the “Venture of the Year 2021” contest.

3 out of 10!

Three Boyar students — Shahar Dudai, Mia Mizrahi and Ido Tiar — have been selected on the list of Ten Influencers of the Year by the City Student and Youth Council of Jerusalem in collaboration with the May Center. To have three of the ten winners from one school is extraordinary!

Shahar, initiated a fundraising project for a disabled women shelter this year, with the aim of showing that the youth in Israel are not indifferent to violence against women. As part of the initiative, Shahar, along with others who joined him, raised about NIS 30,000 – 3 times the target amount.

Mia, who published a book of poems based on her volunteer activities at ′′Krembo Wings”, a youth movement for children and youth with and without special needs. She chose to donate about a quarter of the book’s proceeds to special needs trainees from Krembo Wings, with the aim of making more and more dreams come true for children and their families.

Ido, at his personal initiative, organized a social project that operated during the year, and especially during the holidays, in which dozens of volunteers distributed food to families around the city in need of assistance. This is an important project that gave a real-time solution to the plight of many people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shahar, Mia and Ido received certificates of recognition as part of a ceremony held on August 2, 2021 with Jerusalem mayor, Mr. Moshe Leon.

The Boyar and SAE school communities are so proud of Shahar, Mia and Ido.

Making Wishes Come True

David with his wish . . . a new organ.

Every 11th and 12th grader in Boyar High School fulfilled a dream as part of the Make a Wish Israel Social Commitment Project. The students raised donations through Instagram to buy an organ for the lovely David . .  an organ that he always dreamed of playing.

David waited a long time, and in late July students traveled to Beitar Illit to his residence, along with pizzas, snacks and drinks to give him the gift he was so looking forward to.

The class was very excited and David even got to play the organ with great passion.

With its unique learning environment and focus on academic excellence, Boyar is recognized as one of the leading high schools in Israel. It educates 700 day school students from Jerusalem and 300 boarders from developing communities across the nation. 

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