Boyar Students Learn About, and Celebrate, the Sigd Holiday

Students at Mae Boyar High School celebrated Sigd, an Ethiopian Jewish holiday and since 2008 an Israeli state holiday, in a variety of ways. Sigd is about accepting the Torah and yearning for Israel and the Temple. It is thought to be the date on which God first revealed himself to Moses.

Boyar High School students celebrating Sigd.

Discussion in classrooms included studies of the customs of the Sigd and its meaning and a variety of other lectures from people with unique knowledge and perspectives about the holiday, including:

  • Emmy Palmore, former CEO of the Ministry of Justice who lectured students on the Flamour report to resume racism against Ethiopian veterans
  • Mulgota Mehari, a senior official of the State Service Commission, who spoke about social change in the service of the country
  • Yaffa Zana, from the leaders of the fight to the release of Avra Mengisto from Hamas captivity

And, of course, there was great fun outdoors on the Boyar School plaza.

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