Busy Summer as Inbar Plans to More Than Double in Size This Fall

July was full of activity at Inbar Leadership School for Girls, the first secular leadership school for girls in Israel, which opened in September 2019.

The month started with an introductory and training session between the girls who had been part of the first 9th grade class with which Inbar opened and girls coming into the school in year two, more than doubling enrollment.

Later in the month the new students met again with the Inbar staff at which time everyone got to know each other better and the girls participated in a self-defense workshop.

That was followed by a two-day development lab in which the students and staff worked intensely to build the Inbar model for teaching and hybrid learning.

Inbar, like other high schools in Israel, is currently scheduled to open on September 1, 2020 if COVID-19 conditions permit. Learn more about Inbar.

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