Busy Summer at Sindiana – Sharpening Skills and Welcoming New Students

Sindiana, SAE’s Arab Youth Village for Leadership in Givat Haviva, is busy this summer preparing current students for future success and providing orientation for 7th graders who will be starting in September.

Since its founding in 2017 by the Society for Advancement of Education and the nearby Arab communities, Sindiana, which is dedicated to developing young leaders for the sraeli Arab community, has expanded to more than 400 students in grades 7 through 12.

“In-Person” Summer School

Under the direction of principal Andera Biadse, Sindiana initiated an “in-person” summer school program on campus for students who, as a result of the challenges of distance learning presented by the pandemic, felt that they had  significant gaps in their knowledge and learning in the core curriculum subjects.

The summer school provided individualized attention for students from grade 7 -10 to reduce the gaps in the core subjects due to the challenges of distance learning for almost a complete school year.

New Student Orientation

A “getting-to-know-you” retreat for students entering SIndiana as 7th graders this Fall and their families was held at the school in July.  The purpose of the orientation was to introduce the staff, teachers and other students, to talk about the Sindiana’s vision and to create a team atmosphere with shared activities for all the newcomers.

Now, with the current increase in Covid19 in Israel, the emphasis at Sindiana and all SAE schools and residences is on encouraging all the students to complete their two vaccinations before the start of the school year in September. The schools await further instructions from the Ministry of Health for the “safe-school” protocols to be implemented.

Everyone is hoping that full in-person instruction can begin once again when schools open on September 1st.

Learn more about Sindiana.  Support the students at all SAE schools and residences.

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