“But Here, I Give Back” — Steinberg Twins Volunteer With the Friends of Old Age Association

Steinberg students Maor and Gal Tshuva with Dini and Tulu.

“Volunteering gives me so much satisfaction,” says Gal Tshuva, a tenth grader at the Steinberg Residential Educational Campus in Kfar Saba. “I’ve always been used to getting. At the Steinberg residence people are always doing things for us. But here, I give back. ”

And Gal doesn’t give back alone. He teams with his twin brother, Maor, to treat dogs for an elderly resident of Kfar Saba twice a week. The brothers, both students at Rabin High School, are part of the Friends of Old Age Association. Residents of Kiryat Motzkin, they have been attending Steinberg for several years.

“I started volunteering at the beginning of the 10th grade,” Gal recalls, “We had a day to meet non-profit associations at Steinberg. I didn’t even think about volunteering. Suddenly we saw pictures of dogs, so I told myself that I love animals and I never had any animals at home and this is an opportunity to do just that.”

The brothers now take care of two relatively large dogs, Dini and Tulu, for Mrs. Ruthie.  “Mrs. Ruthie loves dogs,” Gal says, “and she has had dogs all her life. Over time she didn’t want to give them up even though it’s hard for her to walk with them. I have no problem helping. I love it. I also sit with her and talk to her – it’s nice too. She’s very smart, she helps me. ”

“It’s fun to volunteer with my brother,” Gal says. “We finish school around the same time and walk about a mile to her house. There are other people helping her the rest of the week. Including teenagers and older volunteers.”

“Volunteering gives me so much satisfaction, Gal says. “I just started loving it. Walking with the dogs calms my thoughts, and they love me no matter what.”

Steinberg Interdisciplinary Residential Educational Campus for Excellence, established by SAE in 1967, offers a range of academic tracks and the choice of five high schools in Kfar Saba. It’s extensive tutoring and support services provide talented students, many from peripheral towns in the north, with a real chance for success.

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