Completion of Renovations Celebrated at Amalia and Ein Carmit Residences

Unveiling the plaque at the Amalia Residence are, from left, SAE Exec. Dir. Eitan Moran and Jonathan Hornstein and Rafi Rone of the Weinberg Foundation, principal funders of the two-year project.

Plaques celebrating recently completed renovations of the Amalia and Ein Carmit Residences in Jerusalem, half-century old Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem (SAE) residences, were unveiled at ceremonies on each campus on December 5th.

Rafi Rone and Jonathan Hornstein, representatives of The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, the principal project funder, toured the renovated buildings and met with students and staff following the unveiling ceremonies.  The Ministry of Education and SAE also provided significant financial support for the multi-year residence renovation project which has cost more than $750,000.

Avi Elbaz of the Naor Foundation, Roni Ihrig Malkai, head of the The Israeli Public Forum for Youth Villages and Boarding Schools for Children at Risk, and representatives of SAE, including Executive Director Eitan Moran, Finance Director Sharon Sela, Facilities Director Itzik Dahan and Shoshana Becker of Resource Development, also participated in the tours and ceremonies.

Founded by SAE and the Jeselsohn Family in 1971, over 130 observant teenage girls who study at the Amalia High School live in the residence. Most girls come from economically disadvantaged homes in Israel’s geographic periphery. Guided by the values of tolerance, empathy and scholastic excellence, Amalia helps the girls develop tools for success in their lives and careers. Principal Hasi Gel facilitated the tour and discussion with students.

Participating at the plaque unveiling at the Ein Carmit Residence were, from left, Eli Eliyahu, Director of the residence, Jonathan Hornstein and Rafi Rone of the Weinberg Foundation.

Established by SAE in 2000, Ein Carmit is located on the grounds of Ein Kerem Agricultural School in Jerusalem, and is home to more than 100 youth in 7th through 12th grades. These students come primarily from disadvantaged communities. The residence values academic excellence and social partnership, and offers activities that blend environmental awareness with a love for the Land of Israel. Director of the Residence, Eli Eliyahu, guided the visitors and hosted lunch.

The renovations at Amalia and Ein Carmit are part of a decade-long initiative that will result in the renovations of all SAE residential campuses.

To donate to the Residence Renovation project, click here.

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