Dror High School Recognized by Israeli President Rivlin for Furthering the “Israeli Hope in Education” Agenda

President’s Certificate of Appreciation presented to Dror High School.

The Society for Advancement of Education’s Dror High School in Jerusalem is one of 12 schools in Israel that recently received a Certificate of Appreciation from Reuven Rivlin, the President of Israel, for its work in furthering the President’s “Israeli Hope in Education” national agenda .

Israeli Hope is the president’s flagship program for strengthening statehood and establishing partnership between the four main sectors that comprise Israeli society: secular, religious, ultra-Orthodox, and Arab. Israeli Hope operates in key social and economic fields – in education, academia, employment, sport, and more. Israeli Hope seeks to strengthen the “togetherness” of Israeli society, through giving respect and place to every group that comprises it, in order to ensure the strength and prosperity of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

Israeli Hope in Education, led by the Office of the President and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Lautman Forum, seeks to promote familiarity and cooperative activity between the educational staff and the students from each of the four education streams   ̶   secular, religious, Arabs and Haredim   ̶  to create infrastructure for “Israelihood”.

Dror High School is currently the only mixed-gender religious high school in Jerusalem, where 150 boys and girls in grades 7 through 12 study together in an egalitarian learning environment. It is an educational alternative for parents wishing to give their children a pluralistic religious education with commitment to the traditions of Jewish life.

Dror was honored for a variety of activities that promote meetings and partnerships between sectors, among them “leadership for coexistence” and dialogue circles. These programs are built into the Dror learning system and are embraced through a partnership between staff and students.

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Israeli President Reuben Rivlin, seated at right, with representatives of the 12 high schools which received his Certificate of Appreciation for furthering the aims of the “Israeli Hope in Education” agenda.


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