Ein Carmit Students Receive Law Course Certificates from Esther Hayut, President of the Israel Supreme Court

For the past few months 10th and 11th graders from SAE’s Ein Carmit Residential Educational Campus in Ein Karem just west of Jerusalem have been attending law school. And a few weeks ago, they all graduated!

The students were enrolled in the “First Step in the Academy” project at ONO Academic College. As part of the project, the boys and girls took law courses as full-time students on ONO College’s Jerusalem campus with the aim of exposing them to higher education and making higher education and an appreciation of the law a recognized part of their lives.

Israel Supreme Court President Esther Hayes talks with Ein Carmit students before the graduation ceremony.

After completed the course with a final exam and mock trial, on January 28th the students concluded the process by receiving their completion certificates from Israel Supreme Court President Esther Hayut and Dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. Yuval Albashan. They also received a behind the scenes tour of the Supreme Court building.

The course, a collaboration between ONO Academic College and the Public Forum, gives the students five credits for starting their undergraduate studies at the university.

Law School Dean Prof. Yuval Albashan congratulates students at Israel Supreme Court.

At the end of the certificate ceremony, when Dean Albashan asked how many of the students would like to continue studying at the legal academy, most of them raised their hands.

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