Even During Covid, Inbar Students Travel the World

Who said that you can’t travel during Corona?

Students and staff of Inbar Leadership School for Girls got on planes November 2 and took off to different and diverse places around the globe. The virtual trip around the world was exciting, fascinating and a resulted in experiences that were not expected in advance.

In the opening part of the trip with all the staff and students of the school gathered together via Zoom, everyone changed virtual backgrounds according to the places that interest them, and the students filled a virtual map with lots and lots of significant places for them in Israel and around the world.

The students met online with Daniel Gwerzman and his daughter Ruth who connected from Scotland, where they have been for three years after traveling the world as ′′ digital nomads ′′. The meeting was fascinating.

After that the educational staff conducted interesting workshops according to the countries students chose to ′′ visit “: Japan, Thailand or Italy.  They made ice cream, pad thai and origami and even went through a sushi workshop making delicious products.

Mainly, the students and staff got to know each other better and connect a little more deeply. They all shared new experiences and came back from their travels tired but very satisfied.

A huge thank you to the tour supervisor Uri Offenbacher and the tour committee!

Inbar, established in 2019, is the first secular leadership school for girls in Israel. It provides girls with an equal opportunity to develop and grow into significant and infuential women — leaders in their communities.

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