SAE’s educational team and educators are known for their expertise and commitment to advancing educational opportunities for children from underserved communities. This has led the Ministry of Education and the Jewish Agency to assign SAE as an operator of national educational projects. Major projects with a strategic importance for the states of Israel, include:

  • The Niot Project – for children with learning differences is assisting over 3,000 pupils and training teachers in schools across the country.
  • Na’ale Elite Academy – in partnership with the Jewish Agency provides over 1,500 students from overseas community’s Israeli high-school education.
  • Ma’atefet – counseling and support system for immigrant students.
  • Jafra Leadership Program – leadership training Israeli-Arab high school graduates in their “gap” year
  • Learning Centers for Children from the African Community – a secure, nurturing educational environment for children of asylum seekers and economic migrants
  • Hidden Sparks – special program for teachers to gain a better understanding of the unique learning styles of each of their students.
  • Gavanimprogram for educators to advance a pluralistic approach toward the different streams in Judaism.
  • The Racism Awareness Program – prepares SAE staff to help cope with issues of difference and lack of acceptance of others among youth.