In every classroom there are students who struggle with a learning or behavioral difference. Often they are misunderstood or overlooked.

Imagine if all teachers understood children with learning and behavioral differences and had the skills to approach them. Imagine if these students received the help they needed from the start.

The Society for Advancement of Education and Hidden Sparks joined together in 2013 to present educational activities with the goal of creating a learning environment that enables and empowers all students in Israeli schools.

Hidden Sparks offers an innovative, sustainable educational program that examines learning through a number of “Learning Lenses” (neuro-developmental, temperamental, behavioral and ecological) in order to assist teachers to achieve deeper understanding of the diverse range of students in their classes.

Hidden Sparks provides a school-wide training program facilitated by coaches with extensive training who are experienced in guiding teachers.

The coach leads professional development within the school through in-service trainings in which teachers go through a coaching process and building an internal coaching team within the school staff. Learn more about Hidden Sparks.