Helping Israeli Teens with Learning Disabilities Succeed in School

The Niot Project was created to enable students (ages 13-18), parents, and school staff to work together effectively to improve the scholastic performance and emotional resilience of teens with learning differences. The Niot Project honors the life and learning accomplishments of Niot Watzman, z”l. Find out more about Niot and the project that bears his name here.

Niot Watzman

Currently operating in Israeli high schools and residential campuses affiliated with the Society for Advancement of Education in Jerusalem (SAE), the Niot Project makes maximal use of government sponsored services and offers additional support services through philanthropy.

The Niot Project aims to

  • Improve the overall scholastic performance and emotional resilience of students with learning difficulties and disabilities;
  • Fine-tune an effective educational model that can be adopted by other junior high and high schools in Israel.
  • Use professional interventions to increase the rates at which teenagers with learning differences receive high-level high school diplomas, which are key to enabling them to succeed in the IDF, attend university, and pursue meaningful careers;
  • Enable comprehensive assistance by providing teachers and administrators with skills and knowledge that will enable them to understand young people with learning difficulties and create an environment, in classrooms and the school as a whole, in which learning-challenged students can learn alongside their peers;
  • Reduce the stress and financial strain on families by subsidizing diagnostic testing, providing all necessary interventions, while keeping parents involved and informed.

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