Eleven Schools — Serving All Sectors of Israeli Society

United under a common commitment to educational excellence and youth leadership and activism, SAE operates eleven high schools spanning the national (non-religious), national religious, ultra-orthodox and Israeli Arab curriculum streams that are recognized by the Ministry of Education.

SAE high schools:

  • National — Co-ed: Mae Boyar High School, Re’ut High School, Ein Gedi Middle-Senior High School and K.A.N. Community High School and Inbar Leadership School for Girls
  • Religious —  Dror/Shacharit High School (Co-ed) and Ulpanat Tayla High School for girls
  • Ultra-orthodox — Da’at Tvunot Yeshiva High School and Shoshanim Science and Arts High School for Haredi Girls
  • Arab — Sindiana, The Arab Youth Village for Leadership (Co-ed)
  • International — MBHS International High School (Co-ed)

The Mae Boyar High School and Residential Campus — With its unique learning environment and focus on academic excellence, Boyar is recognized as one of the leading high schools in Israel. It educates 700 day school students from Jerusalem and 300 boarders from developing communities across the nation. Learn more.

Da’at Tvunot High School and ResidenceEstablished in 2013 as an innovative Yeshiva high school for mainstream, ultraorthodox (Haredi) boys between 13 and 18, Hachmey Lev combines traditional Jewish studies with a general academic curriculum. Over 90% of students in the graduating classes earn a full Israeli matriculation certificate. Learn more.

Dror High School / Shacharit High SchoolDror offers a pluralist religious education with respect and commitment to the traditions of Jewish life. 150 observant Jewish boys and girls study together in an egalitarian learning environment. In Fall 2020 SAE will introduce a new learning model, Shacharit, into Dror for students starting in grade seven.  Sharachit will be the first co-ed religious high school in Israel in the spirit of High Tech High (HTH). HTH is a model developed in San Diego, USA that enables personal development and excellence, experiential and collaborative learning, personalized authentic work and equal opportunity. Learn more.

Ein Gedi Middle-Senior High SchoolOverlooking the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi prides itself not only on its high academic ranking in matriculation tests, but also its unique environmental studies programs, arts and communication classes, as well as theater, music, film and media studies. Learn more.

Inbar Leadership School for Girls — Inbar, established in 2019, is the first secular leadership school for girls in Israel. It provides girls with an equal opportunity to develop and grow into significant and influential women — leaders in their communities. Learn more.

K.A.N. Community High SchoolEstablished in 2014 as a community high school for 125 boys and girls from religious, traditional and secular homes. K.A.N. encourages every child from every background to form their own Jewish identity. Learn more.

Re’ut High SchoolA pluralistic co-ed community school of 370 students established in Jerusalem in 1999 by pedagogic visionary Dr. Aryeh Geiger (z”l), Re’ut fosters Jewish learning, social action and mutual respect among all streams of Judaism.  Re’ut moved into a new state of the art building in Fall 2020. Learn more.

Shoshanim Science and Arts High School for Haredi GirlsFounded in 2019, Shoshanim is the first 4-year high school in Israel for Haredi girls focused on science and the arts and attaining a full matriculation certificate. Learn more.

Sindiana – The Arab Youth Village for LeadershipThe goal at Sindiana, a partnership between SAE and the nearby Arab communities, is to develop young leaders for the Israeli Arab community. The school, founded in 2017, focuses on social and academic excellence, leadership and culture and identity. Learn more.

Ulpanat Talya (formerly Midrashiat Amalia) High School and ResidenceTalya is a national religious high school and boarding complex for 300 orthodox young women from Jerusalem and across the country.  Tayla’s unique and innovative academic track enables students to attain a B.A. or B.Sc. college degree while studying in high school through 13th year. Learn more.

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