Inbar Leadership School for Girls

In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness of the quality embodied in the characteristics of women’s leadership, especially in the career world, and of the loss to the society due to exclusion of women from centers of power.

Regular schools are a microcosm of the larger society and as such, they do not provide adolescent girls with the freedom to actualize themselves and their full abilities.

In order to prepare adolescent girls to cope with a world of inequality, there is a need for a school that provides an empowering framework, supporting the process of growth of school students to become strong, influential women: women who choose their path through precise knowledge of themselves and their skills, who know how to formulate their goals clearly and to actualize them on the path to become leading citizens.

Now is the time to establish a school that will offer adolescent girls the opportunity for self-actualization and success based on the goal of developing a new generation of women’s leadership.

That  school, INBAR, opened in September, 2019, as an educational track for girls entering 9th grade and now has more than 100 students at all grade levels.

The school fosters leadership through developing excellence on three levels:

Personal Excellence – Placing emphasis on the needs of each student, her desires and strengths, and her ability to find and express her voice in order to get to know herself and to act based on self-confidence in every circle in which she is present.

Academic Excellence – The school will be based on the curriculum of the educational system while structuring a process and environment that will enable students to choose areas of study that interest them. We will use innovative pedagogical tools to create a learning environment that arouses curiosity and inspiration. We will expose the students to diverse content outside of school and to learning in different spaces. This will enable them to become familiar with how the world works outside the school walls, to learn from key figures (shadowing) and to gain experience with active learning through a process of mentoring and apprenticeship.

The school will expose students to scientific and technological fields, will encourage focus on students’ areas of interest, and will offer partnerships with a range of entities (hi tech companies, the scientific park, university and more).

Social/Community Excellence

Building women’s leadership that relates to the general community situation and to the situation of women specifically and takes responsibility through awareness, critical thinking, a system-wide perspective and a Tikkun Olam perspective. The school will exemplify democratic leadership, based on creating consensus and cooperation that will advance community service. In addition, the school will work to build a sense of friendship and mutual assistance among the students in order to create a women’s social network, whose goal is to leverage the communal power to advance activities with impact.

Early years have a great impact on our mature personality. We believe that with the help of these axes of operation, we will shape the self-perception of the students and thus they will receive tools for facing the future as strong, influential adults.

Reports from similar schools around the world:

Graduates of these schools:

  • Report that they were challenged to be ambitious, which was expressed in their choice of academic and professional paths, more so than their peers in mixed schools.
  • Express higher aspirations and greater motivation for future success.
  • Report that they feel confident in expressing their opinions and exchanging opinions in different situations, because they learned in an environment that made this possible.
  • Are three times more interested in the field of engineering and show greater confidence in mathematics and computers.
  • Show a greater tendency to participate in community activities at college and university that are not necessarily connected to their studies and tend toward greater political involvement later on

The SAE has vast experience in developing unique educational models that enable students to shape their future for themselves and that advance their integration into Israeli society, such as establishing the Da’at Tvunot Yeshiva High School, integrating religious and core studies, and the first Arab Youth Village for Leadership Development, Sindiana.