Residential Campuses for Excellence

SAE operates seven Residential Campuses for Excellence throughout the country intended for diverse populations of young men and women from the different educational streams.

Our Residential Campuses for Excellence provide warm educational, study and social frameworks and support young men and women from all parts of the country who come from diverse backgrounds. Students have in common the desire and motivation for study and development, academic and social abilities, and a feeling of responsibility and commitment to make a difference in their society and community.

Each Residential Campus operates unique social-educational programs, including educational frameworks that promote excellence and a wide variety of complementary activities and clubs, personally suited to each and every student.

The professional educational staff work day and night to assist all students to actualize their potential, guiding them in how to set goals and achieve them, and accompanying them on their journey to become contributing citizens who have a positive impact on Israeli society.

The Mae Boyar Residential Educational Campus in Jerusalem

Students at the Boyar residence can choose between a variety of afternoon activities, ranging from assistance in their scholastic assignments, enrichment programs and exposure to post-school options to social and educational activities, run by the residence staff or fellow students. Enrichment programs include: music instrument lessons (piano, guitar, drums etc.), cyber group, sports (basketball, football, fencing and dance), photography, drama, singing and more. Students can choose to take part in one of the student-led committees, plan and execute their own class or residence-wide evenings, run social activities benefiting disadvantaged communities and many more.

The Mae Boyar High School was created through the vision and foresight of Los Angeles philanthropist Louis Boyar, who recognized the need for a high school that would unlock the potential of underserved Israeli students. Mr. Boyar established the school in 1964 as a memorial to his life partner and beloved wife, Mae.

Ein Karmit Residential Educational Campus in Ein Karen, Jerusalem 

Ein Karmit is a coeducational boarding residence located in the leafy outskirts of Jerusalem. It was established in 2000 by the Society for Advancement of Education in order to provide a warm and friendly living environment for 110 talented and motivated teenagers – mostly from disadvantaged communities across Israel. The boarding school’s pastoral setting is a major attraction, and the students who live at Ein Karmit study in high schools in the area. At the end of their school day, a professional staff provides extra teaching hours and homework supervision to help the youth excel in their studies.

Yeshivat Hachmey Lev in Jerusalem 

Established in 2013 in Jerusalem. Hachmey Lev is an innovative Yeshiva High School for mainstream, ultra-orthodox (Haredi) boys aged between 13-18 years, and leads to a high-quality Israeli matriculation certificate. Graduates will be well positioned to pursue academic qualifications and ultimately enroll in the workforce as productive and economically self-sufficient citizens.

ORT Residential Educational Campus in Netanya 

The ORT-Netanya residence was established 40 years ago by the Society for Advancement of Education in partnership with ORT-Israel. It is situated within the ORT-Israel Yad Levovich Educational Village in Netanya, which is well-known for its rich learning environment and exemplary achievements in academia, sports, and the arts. ORT-Netanya is home to 100 youth with exceptionally high scholastic aptitude, and empowers them in a stimulating and nurturing environment. The student body is an eclectic mix of veteran Israeli youth, mostly from developing towns and cities in Israel’s northern periphery, and gifted teenagers from around the world participating on the Na’ale Program.

Sindiana – The Arab Youth Village for Young Leadership

The first Arab youth village for young leadership – Sindiana – is a unique collaboration between the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem, and a group of social  entrepreneurs and education professionals from the Arab community, together with Givat Haviva and the Menashe Regional Council. The school and residence was developed and established in order to train a group of young Arab leaders, who will be involved with and influence their society. 60 students, from all regions of Israel, live in the Sindiana residence adjoining the school buildings on the Givat Havia eductuactional campus.

Steinberg Residential Educational Campus in Kfar Saba

Steinberg is a residential campus that enables talented youth, mostly from peripheral towns in northern Israel, to access leading high schools in the affluent cities of Kfar Saba and Ra’anana. Steinberg was established in 1967 by the Society for Advancement of Education, the Kfar Saba municipality, the Sapir Foundation of the Jewish Agency for Israel, and the Sol and Betty Steinberg family of Los Angeles. Steinberg provides talented students, whose home environment prevents them from fully realizing their full academic, personal or social potential, with a real chance for success.

Ulpanat Talya (formerly Midreshat Amalia)  

Ulpanat Talya’s residential complex provides a warm and supportive environment for 120 girls as well as a range of extracurricular activities and structured assistance with their studies. Most of the girls are from disadvantaged communities in Israel’s peripheral towns and villages, while 40 are new immigrants from France. All the girls at the Ulpanat Talya residence attain full matriculation certificates. The school and residence was initially funded by New York metals trader and renowned supporter of Jewish community causes Ludwig Jesselson, and was named after his mother, Amalie.