First Meeting of SAE Alumni Council

Eitan Moran, at head of table, speaks with members of the new SAE Alumni Council.

The first meeting of the Society for Advancement of Education Alumni Council took place on May 27, 2019 in Jerusalem. The newly formed group is comprised of impressive SAE graduates who are distinguished in their fields and were prepared to leave their busy schedule to participate.

The graduates introduced themselves, talked about their good days and warm memories of their high school educational institutions, the deep connection they felt with them and their desire to be grateful to the institutions that were for them a second home.

Eitan Moran, Executive Director of SAE, told the graduates about his educational philosophy and the educational activities of the association. Then a discussion was held on the ways in which joint activity can be promoted.

The first meeting was attended by graduates of the Steinberg Interdisciplinary Residential Educational Campus for Excellence and the Mae Boyar High School and boarding school. Additional meetings of the Alumni Council will be attended by prominent graduates from other educational institutions of the SAE.

SAE operates 16 high schools and residences, and other national educational programs, throughout Israel.

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