Healthy Summer Eating Tips from SAE Nutritionist

SAE Nutritionist Sharon Pickar

For the past 16 years Sharon Picker has been nutritionist for the seven residences run by the Society for Advancement of Education throughout Israel.

“I am responsible for setting menus for SAE,” Sharon says, “and overseeing that all meals are indeed the best.” Sharon creates new recipes to diversify and innovate the menu, and advises the  kitchen staffs on preparing nutritional menus for vegetarians and vegans as well as meals for students with special dietary restrictions like Celiac or food allergies.

Sharon reports that sugar consumption for teenagers in Israel is an average of 36 teaspoons a day.  So for this summer, and for anyone to reduce sugar consumption, she recommends:

  • Avoid drinks containing added sugar and calories and energy drinks
  • Make sure you drink water – at least 1.5 liters per day (about six 8 ounce glasses)
  • Try to make a fresh and healthy home smoothie rich in vitamins and fiber. You can start with water / milk / soy milk / almond milk and add fresh or frozen berries. Mix everything in a blender and drink as much as you wish..

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