Honoring Mr. Mort Mandel (z”l)

Mr. Mort Mandel , right, and Eitan Moran , left, together outside SAE’s Mae Boyar High School and Residence in Jerusalem.

Morton L. Mandel, a renowned business leader, philanthropist and visionary leader, passed away on October 16, 2019 the age of 98. Through the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation, Mr. Mandel generously supported a wide variety of community building programs in his hometown of Cleveland and Jewish education in the U.S. and Israel.

One of his many noteworthy creations is the Mandel Leadership Institute, which, since its founding in 1990, has given committed Israelis with the drive and capacity to lead the tools to define and implement their vision.

In 2008, Eitan Moran graduated from the Mandel Leadership Institute and became Executive Director of the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem, ushering in a decade of unprecedented innovation and growth.

“With much gratitude and appreciation to the benefactor Mr. Mort Mandel (z”l), a giant and humble creator, who has enabled me with his generosity, wisdom and personal investment to create change in my life.

“Two years in an exceptional educational leadership program, two years immersed in dedicated learning, with top experts in the field.

“His vision, support and encouragement enabled us in the Society for Advancement of Education (SAE), to gather a select group of alumni who would break barriers, formulate and create unique educational systems.

“I will hold on to his personal support and the note that he gave me at the end of his visit with us: “Triple A!” he said to me. And I’ve been trying even harder since then.

“His vision is our mission. He will always be in our hearts”

Eitan Moran

Other graduates of the Mandel Leadership Institute helping to build and manage the 16 schools and residences and national programs of the SAE are:

Michal Shavit – Director of Education Development
Rabbi Bezalel Cohen – Director of Projects in the Haredi Community
Attorney Ali Haidar – Director of Projects and Initiatives for Israeli Arab Society
Vered Bachar – Founding Principal of Shoshanim Arts and Sciences High School for Haredi Girls
Miriam Assaraf Leibowitz – Principal of INBAR School for Girls
Yael Boim Fein – Founding Director of the Israeli Institution for Gender Equality in Education


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