“I’m Talking About the Most Amazing Place A Child Can Develop and Grow” — Dror Shoham, Steinberg Residence Graduating Student

Dror Shoham

by Dror Shoham, Graduating Senior at Steinberg Interdisciplinary Residential Educational Campus in Kfar Saba. Posted on Facebook, June 14, 2020

I don’t often post on Facebook, but we’re talking about something I can’t NOT share wherever possible.

When I was In ninth grade, I did the bravest thing I could do when I decided to move to a boarding school. I started grade 10 at Steinberg Residence. I was a “transparent” girl, insecure, did not appreciate my abilities and skills, and I was voiceless.

Today, after three years, when the end is just around the corner, I can say wholeheartedly, with my eyes full of tears of excitement, that I am thankful for the decision I made.

I’m talking about the most amazing place a child can develop and grow, develop their personality and character, mature and learn about themselves and about life. 

The photos here are from our last weekend at Steinberg.  Our last Sabbath as students..

I would love so much for every boy and girl to be able to have the experience I’ve had at Steinberg, in all its shades and colors.

The staff is amazing, my fellow students are awesome.  And the place – – there are no words to describe it.

Feel free to write me if you want to know more details.

You are welcome to join the Steinberg family❤️


Steinberg Interdisciplinary Residential Educational Campus for Excellence, established by SAE in 1967, offers a range of academic tracks and the choice of five high schools in Kfar Saba. It’s extensive tutoring and support services provide talented students, many from peripheral towns in the north, with a real chance for success.

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