INBAR – When Girls Rule the School

Originally published in the Education 3.0: The Magazine written and produced by the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem and distributed at the SAE’s Education 3.0 Symposium in New York City on November 5, 2019.

For the first time in Israel: secular educational track for girls • INBAR enables girls to reach their full potential, to succeed and excel academically and socially

Inbar is a unique educational frame-work, enabling girls to reach their full potential, build strong moral values and to succeed and excel academically and socially.  Inbar provides students with an equal opportunity to develop and grow into influential women, who freely choose their path, express their opinions clearly, and are leaders for themselves and their surroundings.

The Educational Environment

The educational environment encourages the girls to take on new challenges, to dare to break through personal boundaries, and to have their authentic voice heard in various aspects of their lives.

Through this autonomous environment and an educational curriculum that encourages multi-disciplinary excellence, Inbar works towards nurturing the next generation of female leaders, scientists, researchers, artists and activists in Israeli society.

At the same time, Inbar strives to create a social community comprised of girls, teachers, and families, who see education as a means of social change

Educational Curriculum

The gender-based pedagogic approach is based upon teaching and learning practices that will lead the girls to successfully deal with gender-based obstacles, and to grow and develop optimally in a diverse world.

The establishment of the school is inspired by pedagogic practices throughout the world that have proven successful in advancing girls, building self-confidence, and their ability to act, influence and succeed.

Inbar’s curriculum and pedagogy is research-based and built on the inherent capacity of young women to become engaged as lifelong learners through creative self-expression that is grounded in mind-body development.

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