Israel President Herzog Attends 27th Annual Boyar-Himmelfarb Annual Meeting

The President of Israel, Itzhak Herzog, and his wife, Michal Herzog, attended the annual meeting between secular Boyar High School and religious Himmelfarb High School on November 2nd. The two schools are located across the street from each other the Bayit Vegan section of Jerusalem .

Students from both schools first met together one month after the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin z”l on November 4, 1995. Since then, for 27 years, on the memorial day of Rabin’s murder, a joint ceremony has been held for the students of both schools, followed by joint workshops for the 12th grade students guided by the students.

The students cross Torah Street and work and cooperate together — religious and secular, girls and boys — out of a desire to debate and unite, emphasize the common over the separator and talk about tolerance and acceptance of the other.

During an exciting and fascinating conversation the president and his wife shared personal memories, including about their personal relationship with Yitzhak Rabin, discussed politics, environmental quality and more and answered openly and sincerely the questions asked by the students.

Boyar principal Dafna Menashe Baruch with President and Mrs. Herzog.

“Our path is the golden path,” said Dafna Menashe Baruch, principal of Boyar High School. “The joint meeting and the dialogue between the two schools are proof that we have the power to have a brave and open dialogue despite the contradictions.”

In the president’s entourage there was also Maya Yair, a graduate of Boyar.

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