Israeli President Herzog Congratulates Naale Elite Academy at its 30th Anniversary Celebration

Israeli President Isaac Herzog (right) with SAE Executive Director Eitan Moran at the Naale’s 30th Anniversary celebration.

Isaac Herzog, the President of Israel, and a high-level delegation of government officials participated in a moving ceremony on January 10, 2023, to mark the 30th Anniversary of The Naale Elite Academy.

Naale Elite Academy, founded and still led by Yeshayahu Yechieli, was established in 1992 by the Society for Advancement of Education in partnership with The Ministry of Education and The Jewish Agency, as a response to the pressing need for quality education for Jewish youth after the dissolution of the former Soviet Union had left the educational system there in disarray.

A decade later, the Naale program was expanded to include Jewish teens from around the world. Naale provides a three or four-year, tuition-free, Jewish high school education for exceptional students. To date, Naale has brought more than 19,000 teens to Israel from 65 countries around the world for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study in an elite Jewish educational environment while immersing themselves in Israel’s vibrant society. More than 80% have settled in Israel.

Now entering its fourth decade, Naale Elite provides opportunities for youth to study in specially designed programs in one of the elite Youth Villages in Israel, including religious, Haredi and secular frameworks. Naale offers studies in a wide range of science and technology tracks as well as religious studies, history, agriculture and art tracks.

Graduates from every Naale class and staff members from the residences where Naale students live, as well Naale’s worldwide staff and SAE leadership were also on hand.

Minister of Education Yoav Kisch

“I meet youngsters from Naale all over Israel,” President Herzog said.  “You are here to tell the real story, about the courage to make the change, about being persistent. Not just to acclimate, but to excel and lead! You break the glass ceiling all the time.”

Minister of Education Yoav Kisch said “I am grateful to have the privilege to invite Jewish teens from all over the world to study in high schools in Israel and strengthen their bond with Israel”.

“Naale is an innovative educational project that makes our eyes sparkle,” said Ofir Sofer, Israel’s Minister of Immigration and Absorption. “We plan to expand the program further in the future”.

Yeshiahu Yehieli, Founder and Director of Naale

The chairman of the Jewish Agency, Doron Almog, said “The Jewish Agency is and was an integral part of this important program and we cherish the idea behind it”.

Yeshiahu Yehieli, Founder and Director of Naale, observed that “Naale is a life-changing program that gives an extraordinary experience to students from all over the world while achieving academic excellence”. Naale participants integrate with Israeli and international students, developing meaningful connections that will allow them to thrive on both a personal and a communal level. Naale truly provides participants with an education for life.”

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