Jafra Young Leadership Program: To Give Is to Receive

Originally published in the Education 3.0: The Magazine written and produced by the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem and distributed at the SAE’s Education 3.0 Symposium in New York City on November 5, 2019.

The Jafra Young Leadership Program was born from the desire to give Arab youth who are completing high school an empowering framework that would be a springboard for them for the next stages of life. This is the fourth year of the program, which is a partnership between the SAE, the Al-Amer Organization and local Arab municipalities.

“The foundation of the program is the vision of developing young Arab leadership with awareness and commitment to action that generates change,” explains Attorney Ali Haider.  In this framework, high school graduates meet twice a week for a full year, for meetings focused on four key area:

  1. Acquiring new knowledge in diverse fields such as sociology, Israeli society, Palestinian society, nutrition art and more
  2. Acquiring leadership skills and dealing with questions such as how to formulate a vision, how to set objectives, and principles for correct decision making and mediation
  3. Education day trips to universities and museums, and meetings between Arab and Jewish youth with goal of getting to know the diversity of the society
  4. Volunteering and social and community activism. Among other projects, taking part in town festivals, events, cultural evenings, lectures on family economics, activities against violence, distributing gifts in hospitals, and more

“Our plan is to promote and expand the Jafra Young Leadership Program so that it can provide a response for a larger number of youth with the goal of advancing them on the runway toward a better future,” Haider concludes.

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