Keep the Light Glowing on Giving Tuesday and Throughout the Year

Dear Friend,

As we enter the Chanukah season, we think about its meaning and message.  As we recall the Hasmonean’s fight for freedom against Roman efforts to assimilate our people, we know that what was at stake was our very identities.  The Romans tried to erase Jewish identity and uniqueness and we fought to assert our individuality – we demonstrated our pride in being who we are.

Each day, the Society for the Advancement of Education (Kidum) insures that each child finds his or her own identity and teaches them to rise to the heights of their abilities and talents, and use those talents to benefit their school, their community, their country, their world, their future.

As each candle on the Chanukiah represents a unique day, so, too, each candle on our Chanukiah represents a critical part of the daily work of the SAE. Together, the candles on the Chanukiah bring light to our world and together our schools, residences and programs make a beautiful glowing menorah of promise for Israel’s future.

The most remarkable candle on the Chanukiah is the SHAMASH – its sole job is to light each candle. On the American Friends of Kidum’s Chanukiah, we ask you to be our SHAMASH – help us to light each candle and keep the light and beauty of our remarkable efforts on behalf of deserving students from underprivileged and under-served communities glowing.

As you consider your end-of-year gifts to the many worthy organizations that seek your assistance, we hope that you will generously support the students of the Society for Advancement of Education and ensure our collective future.

With you as our SHAMASH, we know that our future will be bright. Your support will help us to brighten the schools, institutions and programs of the SAE.  Please Donate Now!

We wish you a warm and meaningful Chanukah and holiday season – help us to end 2018 filled with the light of your support.

Gary Bretton-Granatoor                                                                                                               Executive Director                                                                                                                   American Friends of Kidum

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