Maayan Barhum –“A Ray of Light to All Who Knew Her”

        Maayan Barhim z”l

From the Class of 2018, Boyar High School, Jerusalem

On Thursday, April 26th 2018, we tragically lost our beloved friend and classmate Maayan Barhum in the flash flooding of Nahal Tzafit, in Israel’s Judean Desert, that claimed the lives of ten high school students. Those lost were taking part in a hike in preparation for a year-long leadership program prior to serving in the IDF.

Born on November 17, 2000, Maayan was loved by her family and friends, a ray of light to all who knew her. Throughout her young life she studied in Jerusalem, attending Hayovel elementary school, Ort Minkof middle school and Boyar High School. Maayan was active in the Tzofim, Israel’s scouts, and was a counselor to many children for whom she was a revered role model.

Maayan’s tragic death deeply affected our community. By honoring her memory we can shed some light on her life and legacy and the incredible impact she had on our lives. To fulfill this vision we need your help. We wish to commemorate Maayan’s memory though two projects that reflect and represent who she was.

11th graders from Boyar High School in Jerusalem began work in early July on the “Maayan Trail” in memory of their late friend Maayan Barhum, who was killed in the flood disaster last April in the Judean Desert.

First, we are planning to build an outdoor recreation area for students at Boyar High School, to be named “Maayan’s Corner”. Maayan frequently spent time with her friends in this area of the school. Maayan’s corner will be designated as a student leisure area and outdoor learning center. We are working with a landscaping architect who specializes in constructing outdoor learning spaces, to assist in the planning and implementation of the project.

The second initiative involves renovating and rededicating a trail leading from Maayan’s neighborhood, Givat Masuah, to the Ein Lavan natural spring. Maayan and her friends frequently walked this path, which will be known as “Maayan’s Trail”.

It is important to us, the 2018 Boyar graduating class, to lead these two initiatives and implement them ourselves. By doing so we will be taking an active part in commemorating Maayan’s memory. We hope you join us by making a tax-deductible donation in support of these projects. Together we can keep Maayan’s memory alive.

Keep Maayan’s memory alive, donate here

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