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The Student Assistance Fund makes a real difference for gifted Israeli teens from low income families who attend Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem (SAE) schools and residences.

While the government covers basic tuition costs, these students must find additional resources to cover other necessary expenses such as transportation costs, glasses, clothing, toiletries, and dental  and other sudden uncovered medical treatment. DONATE NOW

Through the generosity of donors from the United States, the Student Assistance Fund helps more than 50 different SAE students each year. Here are three examples of how the fund, and U.S. donors,  make a difference:

Ori M., an 11th grade student in his first year at the Ein Carmit Residential Educational Campus, did not own shoes suitable for the Jerusalem winter. Her Madrich (youth group leader) noticed all she owned were plain canvas sneakers.  Knowing her family’s financial problems, the emergency fund was used to buy winter boots for her.

Adele P., an orphan who made Aliya to Israel from Moldova, now makes the Ort Netanya Residential Educational Campus her family and home. She needed a dental surgical procedure that was not covered by insurance. Thanks to the Student Assistance Fund, Adele got the care she needed and was able to return to her studies and athletic training.

The summer vacation proved to be a struggle for Yael T., an 11th grade student at the Steinberg Interdisciplinary Residential Educational Campus for Excellence.  Returning home to a difficult domestic situation with her parents going through a rough divorce, Yael found that she needed help with groceries and other basic needs. The Student Assistance Fund was used to make sure she was safe while she was away from campus. She received money to buy clothing, food and school supplies, and returned to Steinberg in the Fall.

A contribution to the 2018-19 Student Assistance Fund will touch the lives of gifted students at SAE and provide the uplifting assistance they need to complete their high school education, achieve their full potential, and strengthen their families, their communities and the State of Israel.


* Please note, all student’s names have been changed for confidentiality.

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