More than 400 Graduate from SAE Schools and Residences in 2017 – How they Did and Where They’re Going

Mae Boyar High School — 90% of the 230 students who graduated from Mae Boyar High School in Jerusalem successfully passed Israel’s high school matriculation examination — one of the highest percentage rates in the country.

Fifty of the 60 Boyar graduates who are boarders at the Mae Boyar Residential Educational Campus plan to:

  • participate in an educational program that prepares high school graduates for serving in the IDF, or
  • volunteer in the Shnat Shirut year of service, or
  • start a special IDF program which enables high school graduates to defer the draft and attend university prior to their military service. After they complete their studies, they join the army and serve in a position that fits the professional knowledge they gained during their university studies.

Dror High School — 51 seniors, 37 boys and 14 girls, graduated from Dror in 2017. About half of the boys will join the IDF this year and the other half will either join different educational programs that prepare high school graduates for serving in the IDF or Yeshivot Hesder (a program which combines advanced Talmudic studies with military service and alternative voluntary national service).

Students in Dror’s special needs class are exempt from IDF service, but three graduates have decided to volunteer for the IDF and will serve in special needs units.

Ein Carmit Residential Educational Campus – The great majority of Ein Carmit’s 27 graduates passed Israel’s high school matriculation examination. All graduates will serve in the IDF, some directly and others taking a volunteer year, a pre-IDF study year or studying at university before service.

Hachmey Lev Yeshiva –– The first class to graduate from the Yeshiva, the Class of 2017 consists of 13 alumni. 80% passed Israel’s high school matriculation examination. See a full report on the graduation here.

Midrashiat Amalia — 40 students graduated from Amalia this year. Although IDF service is not obligatory for religious girls in Israel, many of Amalia’s graduates choose to volunteer and join anyway. Those who do not, will participate in alternative voluntary national service.

ORT Residential Educational Campus in Netanya — The Class of 2017 in Ort Netanya is an all-boys class consisting of 11 athletes, all of which are outstanding soccer players. All 11 students successfully passed Israel’s high school matriculation examination. One exceptional student will play on the Israel national soccer team in the 2018 season as well as serving in the IDF.

Re’ut High School –– The Re’ut High School Class of 2017 consists of 25 graduates, with 80% passing Israel’s high school matriculation examination. As Re’ut is a multi-cultural school where secular students study with religious students there are a broad range of post-graduation opportunities for the alumni.  A large percentage will be joining the IDF.

Steinberg Residential Educational Campus– 23 graduated, all are accepted to graduate and have high matriculation examination scores: 5 have a GPA higher the 95% and another 5 over 85%. All are on the track to join the IDF this year. Steinberg recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Read more here.

Student Spotlight — “A” came to Steinberg in 7th grade from an impoverished family in a development town in the North. She initially had many difficulties assimilating both socially and educationally. But she persevered and this year completed 12th grade and her matriculation examination, majoring in psychology. During her stay at Steinberg, she volunteered at a kindergarten for three years as well. She joined the IDF on the morning of July 20 and will be in a border police combat unit. ‘A’ has grown into a lovely young lady with high values. Steinberg will continue to be there for her and wish her all the best.

Ulpanat Talya — The 10 of the 19 Class of 2017 graduates of this school located on the Midrashiat Amalia Residential Campus volunteered for various positions in the IDF and some will partake in alternative national service. Nine students will continue studying in the Ulpana in order to complete their 13th year and receive a B.SC. in Computer Science.


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