Niot Project Celebrates 7 Years of Overcoming Learning Differences

The 7th anniversary of the Niot Project was marked with a well-deserved celebration. Family, friends and representatives of the Society for Advancement of Education (SAE) came together in March to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the program.

Niot Project director Eden Israeli, at left, and SAE Executive Director Eitan Moran, second from right, spoke at the anniversary celebration.

The Niot Project was created in 2012 to enable students (ages 13-18), parents, and school staff to work together effectively to improve the scholastic performance and emotional resilience of teens with learning differences. The Niot Project honors the life and learning accomplishments of Niot Watzman, z”l.The comprehensive educational model is being implemented at the 15 Israeli high schools and residential campuses operated by (SAE), including Dror High School, Niot’s former high school.

Eden Israeli, Director of the Program, welcomed guests and  Eitan Moran, Executive Director of the SAE spoke about the expansion of the project over the years and SAE’S deep commitment to its continued existence. He emphasized the importance of dealing with learning differences along side nurturing academic excellence.

Niot’s father, Haim Watzman, at left, thanked the participants for the evening and spoke of the sense of pride and excitement that he and his family feel when they visit the educational institutions of the SAE and see the students succeeding thanks to the project.

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