On Earth Day SAE Announces New Sustainablity and Social Responsibility High School

A Message from the Society for Advancement of Education on Earth Day, 2021.

Today is marked in Israel and around the world as Earth Day.

On this day, we all put aside other issues for a moment, and pay attention to where we live, to the land, to the sea, to the air we breathe, to the animals that live with us, and to all other things that sometimes seem are taken for granted by some of us.

In recent years, we have witnessed a welcome rise in environmental protection awareness, ′′green ′′ventures and the fight against the worsening climate crisis.

We, at the Society of Advancement of Education, as an organization that deals with the education and growth of youth, are aware of the fact that humanity depends mainly on the future decision makers, who are today’s youth.

To this end, we are working and will continue to work to incorporate sustainability values in our schools and programs, through activist activities, volunteer actions and environmental initiatives, and, of course, through discourse and education.

In the next school year, we decided to take the topic another step further by creating the High School of Sustainability and Social Responsibility at the Steinberg campus in Kfar Saba. It will be a  high school different from anything  you’ve known to date, fostering innovative and exceptional learning, including academic and social excellence, education for sustainability, social responsibility and active civic engagement. Watch this brief video for more information on the new SAE Sustainability and Social Responsibility High School


We believe that an in-depth educational process that equips the next generation to lead environmental and social actions will succeed in furthering the goal for which we are all united – a better and more just world and society.

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