Prof. Ilan Dalal, a Steinberg Graduate, Assumes Major Leadership Role at Wolfson Medical Center

Prof. Ilan Dalal, a graduate of SAE’s Steinberg Residential Campus, was recently appointed Director of the Division of Children at Wolfson Medical Center, a key leadership role in Wolfson’s new Children’s Wing. In addition, Prof. Dalal will continue as Director of the Children’s Department of the Hospital.

Prof. Ilan Dalal

For the past five years, Prof. Dalal, recognized as one of Israel’s leading specialists in the field of child allergy treatment, has served as Director of the Pediatric Department at Wolfson.  Previously he was Director of the Department of Emergency Pediatrics for 9 years.

The Wolfson Medical Center, located in Holon, a Tel Aviv suburb just southeast of Jaffa, has expanded rapidly in recent yeras and is now the ninth largest hospital in Israel with 650 beds.

Born in Tiberias, Prof. Dalal was a member of the fifth graduating cohort from Steinberg, a residence established in Kfar Saba in 1967 by the Society for Advancement of Education, (SAE) Jerusalem. Students, many from peripheral towns in northern Israel without access to quality high schools, attend a Kfar Saba and receive extensive tutoring and support services from the Steinberg staff.

“I am delighted to take on this challenging role,” said Prof. Dalal.  “All my life I have been working on a mission for children, and now I have the right to deepen and expand this mission – not just for the children of the region, but for children wherever they are, throughout the country and around the world.”

Following graduation from Steinberg, Prof. Dalal earned a medical degree at the Technion in Haifa and specialized as a post-do in pediatriv endocrinology at Carmel Hospital in Haifa and immunology at the University of California, Berkeley.

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