Reut High School Students & Staff Reimagine the Senior Year

Students, teachers, parents, mentors and outside education experts met on Thursday, July 2nd for a marathon all-night session to reimagine the senior year at Reut High School in Jerusalem.

The event was organized by Reut Principal Avia Finkelstein and teacher Noam Gesundheit inspired by the educational writings of Moshe Kinley Tur-Paz, the C.E.O of The Kibbutz HaDati Educational network, who has challenged schools to set relevant goals for students.  

Tur-Paz, who introduced his ideas at the brainstorming evening, has suggested that traditional education goals, such as earning a diploma, joining an elite military unit and making a lot of money, do not establish a foundation for a successful life.

Rather, he has put forward the triple security model — every graduate of the education system that comes out of it with self-confidence, social security and values is equipped with everything he/she needs to succeed in life.

Participants were divided into teams and held brainstorming and implementation sessions about how to improve the senior year at the popular pluralistic high school, with the triple security model in mind.

Senior year focuses on continued growth and development of students and preparation for adulthood together with preparation for life outside the school setting.

Also on hand were experts from Beta Educators, the innovation unit of the Jerusalem Education Department of the Jerusalem Municipality which works to promote new pedagogical ideas and help guide educational initiatives, and Muslala, a nonprofit organization that creates artistic activity with a social orientation.

All participants found the whole program engaging and worthwhile, and welcomed the opportunity “to dream together, big time ” about the future direction of Reut.

Reut is a pluralistic co-ed community school of 370 students established in Jerusalem in 1999 by pedagogic visionary Dr. Aryeh Geiger (z”l).  Reut fosters Jewish learning, social action and mutual respect among all streams of Judaism.

Here are photos of the marathon planning session:

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