Reut Students Dedicate a Day of Giving to School Founder Dr. Aryeh Geiger

In 1999 pedagogic visionary Dr. Aryeh Geiger (z”l) founded Reut High School in Jerusalem as a pluralistic community school dedicated to Jewish learning, social action and mutual respect.

Now part of the Society for Advancement of Education network, Reut has prospered in recent years, earning a reputation for community service and moving into a newly built state-of-the-art facility this past September.

To mark the anniversary of Dr. Geiger’s passing in a meaningful way consistent with his teachings, the students at Reut participated in a day of giving and community action on Thursday, November 19th.

7th graders packed food packages for diners at the school’s community kitchen.

9th graders nurtured the community garden of the Beit Hakerem neighborhood, distributed flower pots to the elderly and small businesses in the Kiryat HaYovel neighborhood and helped set up the new school library.

10th graders went out to cheer and warm the hearts of the residents of the nearby neighborhoods.

11th graders held an action initiative for social action.

12th graders will build seat corners in the library in memory of Dr. Geiger.

A heart-warming day of giving in the spirit of Reut’s founder and the tradition of community service for which Reut is known.

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