SAE 10th Grader Wins Two Events at Israeli Track Championships

Ivan Lizrof, 10th Grader at Ort Netanya Residential Educational Campus

Ivan Lizrof is one step closer to his dream.

A 10th grader at ORT Netanya Residential Campus, Ivan recently won both the 300 and 600 meter races at the Israeli High School Track Championships.

Ivan participated in sports, especially snow skiing, growing up in Russia.  After a coach spotted him and recognized his potential, Ivan began training in track and boxing, and then focused full time on track.

At age 14 Ivan and his family made aliyah to Israel. Ivan enrolled in ORT Netanya Residence and joined the Netanya Leader Athletics Club, where he started training with Irina Lansky.  Irina, a highly honored Israeli athlete who is the current Israeli record holder in the 200 meter sprint, 100 meter hurdles and 400 meter hurdles, is also a track coach at ORT Netanya.

With these victories, Ivan is one step closer to his dream of getting to the Olympics and waving the Israeli flag on the podium.


At the ORT Netanya Residential Educational Campus, founded in 1968 by SAE and ORT Israel students are encouraged to participate in different fields of sport and offers professional tools in a flexible environment adapted to each child. The atmosphere is family-like, warm and pleasant, and the students are supported by a professional, dedicated counseling staff who provide personal attention to every student.

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