SAE Academic Leaders Discuss Pluralism & Gender Equity at first “Education in Israel Today” Zoom Conversation

Friends in the U.S. and SAE academic experts in Israel engaged in a viforous discussion of Pluralism and Gender Equity in the first of three planned “Education in Israel Today” sessions.

Pluralism & Gender Equity were the subjects of the first in a series of “Education in Israel Today” online convervations between the AFK Board of Directors and SAE supporters in the U.S. with the Society for Advancement of Education’s academic leaders and teachers in Israel. This first session was held on June 6th and is now posted in its entirety on You Tube. Watch the Pluralism & Gender Equity session now.

The one-hour conversation featured SAE’s bright and passionate SAE teachers and program directors engaged in lively conversation with Jerry Isaak-Shapiro, the AFK Executive Director and fielding questions from participants in the U.S.  The SAE experts not only demonstrated their deep knowledge of the subjects of pluralism and gender equity, but their clear focus on doing what’s best for students.

Featured speakers on each topic were:

Ruthie Hadad — Lead Teacher, K.A.N. Community High School — K.A.N. established in 2014, serves boys and girls from secular, traditional and religious homes and advocates shared living among a variety of Jewish backgrounds.

Naama Shostak Singal — Lead Teacher, Shacharit High School— Shacharit High School, launched in Fall 2020, is the first co-ed religious (orthodox) high school in Israel in the spirit of High Tech High (HTH).


Miriam Leibowitz-Assaraf — Founder & Principal, Inbar Leadership School for Girls— The first secular leadership school for girls in Israel was founded in 2019 to empower girls to grow into influential female leaders and promotes excellence through the lens of gender equity.

Yael Boim Fein — Founder & Director, The Israeli Institute for Gender Equity in Education— Created in 2019, the Institute promotes gender equitable space in Israel’s education system so that students of all genders have the right to realize their full potential.

Two additional “Education in Israel Today” sessions are planned. Sign-up for these upcoming free sessions here.

Diverse Communities . . .  Similar Challenges — Sunday, June 27, 2021 – Noon Eastern Time

I. Innovative programs in Haredi education, for both boys and girls.
II. Arab education & the ground-breaking Arab Youth Village Leadership

Excellence in Education — Sunday, July 11, 2021 – Noon Eastern Time

I. How every learner’s education can be enriched according to his/her abilities and need . . . from instruction for gifted students to instruction zzfor those with unique learning styles.

II. Adopting to changing times . . . new SAE high schools to meet the zzneeds of students in Israel and Jewish students worldwide.

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