SAE Executive Development Team Looks to the New Future of Education

Eitan Moran, at right, SAE Executive Director welcomes academic leaders of SAE schools and residences to the Executive Development Session at which plans for new educational models were discussed.

The final Executive Development Forum of the leadership of Society for Advancement of Education for the 2019-20 school year met on June 14, 2020, following all guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

With the timely topic “Between the Times: From Our Previous Routine to a New Routine” leaders from SAE high schools, residences and central office met, thought and created in both self-contained teams from each institution as well as chavrusa style groups in which representatives from different schools and residences came together to share information and discuss a variety of educational  issues.

The group was stimulated, motivated and inspired by a series of carefully selected programs:·

  • Tai Chi hosted by Amir Perlman
  • Chi Kong Medical led by Jacob Hazan and Dina Gedalia·
  • A Mandalas Art Workshop and  Awareness session led by Sarit Seltzer
  • A musical finale by the Hiba Orchestra

Representatives of these SAE high schools and residences were on hand — Mae Boyar High School, Dror High School, Ein Carmit Residence, Hachmey Lev Yeshiva, Inbar Leadership School for Girls, KAN Community High School, Ort Netanya Residence, Re’ut High School School, Shacharit Religious High School, Shoshanim Science and Arts High School for Haredi Girls, Sindiana Arab Youth Village for Leadership and Steinberg Residential Campus and Ulpanat Talya.

It was undoubtedly a day full of thinking, inspiring, creating and doing and, of course, a meaningful meeting with colleagues, friends and partners. Specific plans for the opening of school in September will be announced over the summer.

(Photos by Liran Keenan)

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