SAE Has Provided Hundreds of Students With Computers During COVID-19 . . . And the Need Continues

Many of the SAE’s students, and particularly those living at the educational residences, come from families that are at risk both economically and socially. The Corona crisis, which has students at home all day has placed immense pressure on these families.

Computers, and Internet access, are essential for students to participate in Zoom classes and discussions.

At the onset of the crisis, all Israeli schools worked through distance learning, with lessons held online, and students “attending” them and submitting assignments. While it was initially expected that the situation would be short term, it is now clear that that is not the case – students have actually studied in person at school for a very limited time since the beginning of the crisis, and at present, are still studying online.

It goes without saying that access to a computer is absolutely essential in enabling students to continue their studies. However, for many families, purchase of a computer is beyond their financial means. Additionally, many students come from large families with a number of children, all of whom are meant to be engaged in distance learning, such that, even if the family has a computer at home, it is not adequate for all the children who need to “attend” lessons at the same time. This has significantly exacerbated situations already very complex and challenging.

The SAE’s Response

From the onset of the crisis, the SAE has made it an absolute priority to provide its students with the means necessary to continue their studies. This included giving supermarket vouchers with which to purchase food and essential items to families that were particularly in need, as well as providing computers – and sometimes internet access as well – to students requiring them.

SAE has procured computers for 265 students so they can learn from home . . . and the need continues.

The SAE has purchased and/or received computers or tablets to distribute to students from a number of sources, including donations from donors and hi-tech companies, the Ministry of Education, and the Mitchashvim project, in which used and discarded computers are refurbished and sold for a minimal price, for the use of students from the socio-economic periphery.

To date, the SAE has purchased or received a total of 265 computers or tablets, at a cost of some 100,000 NIS, without which many students would not have been able to continue their studies in an online framework.

On behalf of its students and staff, the SAE has expressed its sincere gratitude to the donors, from the United Staes and around the world, who have contributed computers or tablets, or funds to purchase them, thus far – it has been truly invaluable to our students.

The need for continues unabated, as indications are that the shutdowns and disruptions caused by Covid-19 will continue well into 2021. Please support SAE’s Student Assistant Fund so that, needy and deserving SAE students can receive the financial assistance and computers they need to can continue to receive a first rate high school education and go on to fully participate in and contribute to Israeli society.

Support the SAE Student Assistance Computer Fund.

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