Residential Educational Campuses

SAE’s educational residences provide capable but disadvantaged teenagers from the development towns, rural regions and urban centers of Israel with educational, social, and emotional services.

The highly dedicated and skilled professional teams in the residences assist these youth to adopt the healthy attitudes, behaviors, and skills that are necessary to attain excellent grades at school, develop leadership qualities, and attend university.  Students at SAE schools are committed to volunteerism in order to generate positive changes in their communities and in the Jewish world.

There are currently close to 1,000 students from 120 Israeli communities across the country enrolled in our seven educational residences:

  • Mae Boyar, Ein-Carmit, Hachmey Lev and Ulpanat Talya in Jerusalem,
  • Ort-Netanya in Netanya,
  • Steinberg Interdisciplinary Residential Educational Campus for Excellence in Kfar-Saba and
  • Sindiana – The Arab Youth Village for Leadership in Givat Haviva.

For more information about each residential campus, click here.