ORT-Netanya Residential Educational Campus 

The ORT-Netanya residence was established in 1968 by the Society for Advancement of Education in partnership with ORT-Israel. It is situated within the ORT-Israel Yad Levovich Educational Village in Netanya, which is well-known for its rich learning environment and exemplary achievements in academia, sports and the arts.

ORT-Netanya is home to 12o youth with exceptionally high scholastic aptitude, and empowers them in a stimulating and nurturing environment. The student body is an eclectic mix of veteran Israeli youth, mostly from developing towns and cities in Israel’s northern periphery, and gifted teenagers from around the world participating on the Naale Program. In the past few years there has also been an influx of 15 year old Jewish boys and girls from Ukraine and Russia who have made aliya alone, without their parents, hoping for a better future in Israel.

ORT-Netanya is renowned for its ability to support the growth of young men and women athletes un a variety of sports, with an emphasis on athletics and football. Like SAE’s other eight residences, ORT-Netanya is truly home for the students. From the

Zohar Zimro, Israeli Olympic marathon runner and coach at ORT-Netanya.

director to the coordinators and counselors the staff cares for each and every child as “parents”. And as “parents” to high-potential young athletes they make sure the students have top coaches, therapists and equipment, drive them to early morning practices and distant competitions and more. This is of course to making sure they excel in school and have full social and emotional support.

One reason student athletes thrive at ORT-Netyana is the high quality of coaching they receive. Here are three veterans of Israeli Olympic teams currently coaching students at the residence, including Alex Averbuch, decathlon competitor and pole vaulter on the Israeli Olympic team; Irena Lenskiy, Israeli Olympic hurdler; and Zohar Zimro, Israeli Olympic marathon runner.