SAE Schools Mark 25th Anniversary of the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin with Study & Discussion

“′I have no assets, I only have dreams to pass on to future generations. A better more peaceful world, a world that is more pleasant to live in.. It is not too much “. (Yitzhak Rabin, from a speech at the peace signing ceremony with Jordan July 26, 1994)

Society for Advancement of Education schools marked the 25th anniversary of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, z”l, (November 4, 1995), with an amazing variety of workshops, discussions, study, and meetings. It was an extremely  meaningful day for both students and educational staff. Here’s a sample of the mant activities that took place:

Boyar High School held joint activities with neighboring Himelfarb High School. These included  workshops and meetings and culminated with a screened joint ceremony.

Dror High School  marked the day with study and workshops, including a political street-art workshop, a “memory processing ′′ workshop and a discussion about social engagement entitled “Me and You.”  The workshops were held remotely and up close under the general theme ′′70 Faces – Living Together.”

At the Shacharit High School, the theme for the Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Day was “Lowing the Walls – Giving up Hatred”. The students heard a lecture by Racheli Hazon-Tesler, researched different populations, presented their findings Ted-style, and wrapped up with a discussion on the tribes of our matriarch Rachel, Ruby Rivlin, and Hanan Ben Ari.

Reut High School celebrated a day of tolerance with a  ceremony followed by a variety of workshops. Among the topics: unconditional love and leadership; music, memory and Rabin’s assassination; what happened in Jewish history when there was no unconditional love; what is the connection between the Reut school and Rabin’s murder; and more. The students also took a virtual tour of the Rabin Center, as part of a Ministry of Education national initiative.

The K.A.N Community School held meetings throughout the week with a variety of people from different backgrounds, during which secular, orthodox, ultra-orthodox and reform voices were heard. As part of the Traveling Social Action Beit Midrash, the students heard a talk by social activist Avi Yelau, on racism in Israeli society. The value of interaction between people to reduce alienation, stigmas and even racism was raised several times during the discussion. The school’s students also participated in the virtual tour of the Rabin Center, and held educational classes on the topic of tolerance.

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