SAE Students Express Solidarity with Jewish Community in Pittsburgh

SAE students at a number of schools in Israel have posted messages and photos of solidarity with the people of Pittsburgh in the aftermath of yesterday’s barbaric attack.

Students at Re’ut High School, a pluralistic community focused high school in Jerusalem, posted a photo and message: “The Re’ut School sends a message of encouragement to the Jewish Community in Pittsburgh.”

The Mae Boyar High School & Residence, the original institution in the Society of Advancement for Education network, founded in 1964 in Jerusalem, has posted this message and photos.

“The Boyar community – students, parents and faculty – stand with our brothers and sisters in Pittsburgh, and in America, during these tough days for all of us.

In the past few years our school strengthened our connection with American Jews through our deep relationship with Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School [in Baltimore, MD}. As a result, we feel close to events as if we’re part of a family.

We Israelis know more than anyone what difficult times you are going through, and we know how important the support from across the seas is. So this is our chance to send our collective embrace, and remind you that we are with you – in thought, in prayer, and in strength.

2May we know no more sorrow.







Twenty four students in the Naale Elite Academy program, which brings students from foreign countries to studt in Israeli high schools, are attending SAE’s Dror High School in Jerusalem. In these photos, senior class students share solidarity signs and support for the Jewish Community in Pittsburgh.

 We have woken up to a sad reality of enmity against Jews from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.










The entire SAE community sends its condolences to all those affected by the shootings in Pittsburgh, and stands with Pittsburgh and the entire U.S. Jewish Community at this time of sadness and resolve.

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