SAE Unveils Plans for Two New All Girls Schools in September 2018

Speakers from the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem, at the Women’s Luncheon in Los Angeles were, from right, Shoshana Becker, Verd Bachar and Hadas Reis.

The Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem,(SAE) unveiled plans for two new girls high schools at an invitation only women’s luncheon sponsored bt the American Friends of Kidum (AFK) in Calabasas, CA, on November 14th.

Fourteen community leaders gathered in the home of gracious hostess Iris Goldstein Hagay to hear in-depth descriptions of the two new facilities, scheduled to open in September 2018, from the experts who are helping create the much-needed institutions.

Shoshana Becker of SAE’s Resource Development Department, provided a broad overview of the 50-plus year history of SAE and of its 14 schools and residences which offer thousands of gifted students from disadvantaged communities throughout Israel the opportunity for a first-rate high school education. Click here for more on SAE.

Vered Bachar, Founding Principal of Shoshanim: Science High School for Haredi Girls, described the current state of secondary education for Haredi girls today, which discourages young women from attending universities or participating in other learning that might expose them to non-Haredi values.

The Shoshanin school, with a focus on science and Judaism, will provide Haredi girls with an opportunity to receive an Israeli matriculation certificate and go on to university should they wish. The school will be diligent in cultivating the general academic talents of each student, alongside an emphasis on each student’s unique talents, and will educate for communal and social involvement. Science tracks will include biotechnology, computer science and biology.

Hadas Reis, Leading Initator of INBAR: Leadership School for Girls in Israel, explained why now is the time to establish a school that will offer adolescent girls the opportunity for self-actualization and success based on the goal of developing a new generation of women’s leadership.

INBAR will open as a “growing school” for girls entering 7th and 10th grades and will foster leadership through developing excellence on three levels — personal excellence, academic excellence and social/community excellence.  Since early years have a great impact on our mature personality, INBAR’s creators believe that with the help of these areas of focus the school will shape the self-perception of the students and that they will receive tools for facing the future as strong, influential adults.

The Women’s Luncheon was planned and managed by AFK West Coast Representative Talia Priel Tuch. For further information about AFK and SAE programs and activities in California, please contact Talia at 818-414-1930 or


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