SAE’s Founding Families Honored at Los Angeles Reception

Tamara Bernstein, left, and Karen Kennedy, granddaughters of the founders of SAE’s Steinberg Interdisciplinary Residential Campus for Excellence and the Mae Boyar High School and Residence, at the AFK Founders’ Reception on November 13, 2017.

The American Friends of Kidum (AFK) honored the families of visionary philanthropic founders of two of the Society for Advancement of Education, Jerusalem’s (SAE) most renowned institutions at a reception in Los Angeles on Monday, November 13th at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

The grandchildren and great grandchilden of Louis and Mae Boyar and Sol and Bette Steinberg were on hand to receive AFK Leadership Awards from Eitan Moran, Executive Director of the SAE.

The awards were presented in recognition of the foresight, perserverance and generosity displayed by the Boyars and Steinbergs more than 50 years ago in establishing the Mae Boyar High School and Residence in Jerusalem and the Steinberg Interdisciplinary Residential Campus for Excellence in Kfar Saba.

SAE’s mission is to bridge gaps in Israeli society by providing gifted students from disadvantaged communities throughout Israel with a first-rate high school education, thereby opening the door to greater opportunities and enabling students to realize their full potential. Boyar and Steinberg were the first two SAE institutions. It has since opening 12 more schools and residences, with two more scheduled to launch in September, 2018.

In accepting the awards, both Tamara Bernstein, granddaughter of the Steinbergs, and Karen Kennedy, granddaughter of the Boyars, paid tribute to their grandparents for creating educational institutions that have helped thousands of Israelis live better, richer lives. They also congratulated SAE for continuing to strengthen the two institutions while adding many more schools and residences to meet the needs of the broad spectrum of Israeli society tofday. SAE now has a range of programs for secular to Haredi Jews, as well as for Israeli Arabs.

Also in attendance were many members of the Southern California Jewish community and friends of SAE who were attending the Jewish Federations of North America’s annual General Assembly, which was taking place nearby.

Enjoy these photos from the Los Angeles Founders’ Reception. Scroll over each photo for a caption.



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